Will Woodard
2019 Georgia State Heifer Show
Reserve Champion Charolais

(M6 New Standard 842 P ET x Carey Farms Lady B2)

Will Woodard
2018 Southeast Empire Show
Reserve Champion Charolais

(RBM TR Rhinestone Z38 x D&D Covergirl 1101 ET)

Jacob White
2018 Charolais Junior National
Class Winner

Will Woodard
2017 Georgia State Heifer Show
Grand Champion Charolais
(M6 Bells & Whistles out of Carey Farms Lady 302)

Congratulations to Faith Turk of Banks Co FFA
Grand Champion Charolais Heifer
2010 Georgia Junior State Heifer Show
2009 South Carolina Junior Beef Round-up
Heifer is a M6 Ranchers Choice 9469 x
Carey Farms Lady 302

Grand Champion Bred & Owned at
the North American Livestock Show in 2001.
"Carey Farms Lady 003"

2761 Apalachee Road, Madison, GA 30650